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Seating Assessment

The effective prescription and use of a wheelchair enables and empowers individuals to participate in life and interact in their community. A correctly prescribed wheelchair and seating system will optimise function, address the impact of environmental factors, correct and prevent postural and pressure issues and meet a client’s home and community participation needs. The short and long term consequences of an incorrectly prescribed system can be profound, as are the safety issues associated with wheelchair use. It is equally important to consider how a client perceives their wheelchair, and the psychological issues of self- and societal perception of wheelchair use when working with the client in setting goals (NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation).

The therapist associated with TOTAL REHAB™ has a high degree of experience working with and prescribing wheelchairs for people with spinal injuries, brain injuries and amputations. Essential to this is the ability to effectively complete a MAT assessment to identify postural issues that may impact on a person’s pressure, support, control, sensation and functional ability.

TOTAL REHAB™ incorporates the Enable NSW and LTCS Guidelines for the Prescription of a Seated Wheelchair or Mobility Scooter for people with a Traumatic Brain Injury or Spinal Cord Injury when completing a seating assessment to ensure best practice guidelines are followed throughout the process.

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