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Case Management

A Case Manager’s role is to ensure an injured person is linked in with reasonable and necessary services that address injury related treatment, rehabilitation and care needs. In order to accomplish this, a Case Manager should adopt a cohesive service approach that incorporates effective communication strategies, collaborating with the injured person and their family, treating team members, funding bodies and other relevant stakeholders so together, positive outcomes can be achieved and maintained.

It is the Case Managers responsibility to monitor and review progress, and support an injured person reach their individualised, client specific goals, with the ultimate outcome being to improve functional ability to participate in daily life and develop self-sufficiency.

TOTAL REHAB™ currently provides Case Management services for the following:

Lifetime Case and Support Authority (LTCS)

TOTAL REHAB™ has an Approved LTCS Case Manager working with participants who have sustained a traumatic brain injury, amputation and/or severe spinal injury.

As LTCS participants have severe injuries which often require treatment, rehabilitation and care from multiple service providers, services are usually requested as part of a plan developed by the participant in collaboration with their Case Manager.

As an Approved Case Manager, TOTAL REHAB™ works with the participant to identify their goals, and the supports they might like to use to help achieve their goals. We then work with LTCS and other service providers to get the services the participant needs.


TOTAL REHAB™ offers Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Case Management services to individuals injured in a motor vehicle accident and funded through the NSW or QLD CTP Scheme.

TOTAL REHAB™ incorporates the 5 guiding principles outlined in the Clinical Framework for the Delivery of Health Services to ensure delivery of the right care at the right time is provided for individuals with a compensable injury.

With an emphasis on early intervention and maximising positive and functional outcomes, TOTAL REHAB™ assists in the external management of an injured person’s rehabilitation, treatment and care needs, working collaboratively with all necessary stakeholders to ensure the injured person is able to successfully reengage in everyday activities.

Occupational Rehabilitation

As an Occupational Rehabilitation (OR) provider, TOTAL REHAB™ are experienced in working with workplace injuries and assisting people return to work in a safe and efficient manner, minimising the risk of re-injury or aggravation. As an external provider offering services through a number of insurance companies, TOTAL REHAB™ are independent of all parties, enabling rapport to be developed with each stakeholder, improving RTW outcomes through collaboration and communication.

As part of the OR process, TOTAL REHAB™ meets with the injured worker and their employer to conduct a worksite assessment, identifies any barriers that may prevent or delay an efficient RTW, liaise with the NTD and other treating professionals to discuss the injury, progress and options for RTW.

Each of the above steps assist in understanding the functional capacity required for an injured worker to participate in their pre-injury duties what capacity an injured worker needs to undertake available suitable duties.


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